COC application

Ordering steps
1. Login
2. Registration
3. Vehicle identification number (VIN)
4. Your data
5. Confirmation
1. Tariffs

The lump-sum amounts to 71.40 Euro with VAT 19% inclusive per document.

2. Informations relating to payment modes

Depending on country of residence, payment can be effected either with credit card.

Country Credit card
Austria x
Belgium x
Bulgaria x
Bosnia Herzegovine x
Belarus x
Switzerland x
Cyprus x
Czech Republic x
Germany x
Denmark x
Spain x
Estonia x
Finland x
France x
Great Britain x
Gibraltar x
Greece x
Hungary x
Croatia x
Italy x
Ireland x
Iceland x
Luxembourg x
Lithuania x
Latvia x
Malta x
Monaco x
Macedonia x
Norway x
Netherlands x
Portugal x
Poland x
Romania x
Russia x
Sweden x
Serbia x
Slovakia x
Slovenia x
Turkey x
Ukraine x
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