COC application

Ordering steps
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2. Registration
3. Vehicle identification number (VIN)
4. Your data
5. Confirmation
1. Tariffs

The lump-sum amounts to 71.40 Euro with VAT 19% inclusive per document.

2. Informations relating to payment modes

Depending on country of residence, payment can be effected either with credit card or bank transfer.

Country Credit card Bank transfer
Austria x  
Belgium x  
Bulgaria x  
Bosnia Herzegovine x  
Belarus x  
Switzerland x  
Cyprus x  
Czech Republic x  
Germany x x
Denmark x  
Spain x  
Estonia x  
Finland x  
France x  
Great Britain x  
Gibraltar x  
Greece x  
Hungary x  
Croatia x  
Italy x  
Ireland x  
Iceland x  
Luxembourg x  
Lithuania x  
Latvia x  
Malta x  
Monaco x  
Macedonia x  
Norway x  
Netherlands x  
Portugal x  
Poland x  
Romania x  
Russia x  
Sweden x  
Serbia x  
Slovakia x  
Slovenia x  
Turkey x  
Ukraine x  
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