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1. What is a COC (Certificate of Conformity)?

The manufacturer of automobiles must apply for an EU-type approval permission for all EU-standard-made vehicles.

The Certificate of Conformity (COC) is basically an attestation based on this type approval. This document confirms the car to fulfill the provisions of an EU type approval and therefore can be registered in any EU country with no need for an additional technical control.

Such document can be issued for all cars manufactured according to the standards of EU type approval.
2. Can such a document be issued for my car?

Please check whether the black type plate of your car is mentioning a type approval evidenced by the acronyms EU-type-approval-number.
This EU-type-approval-number can include up to 20 signs and in the case of Audi and Volkswagen begins with e1* and e9* respectively.

You will find this type plate either in the engine compartment or at the car´s acess near to the driver´s door, according to models. The issuance of a COC is possible, if the plate bears the acronym EU-type-approval-number.
3. What to do if the issuance of a COC is not possible?

Cars without EU type approval are subject to an individual technical control before registeration. in any EU country.
In Germany those controls are effected by TÜV or DEKRA.
Individidual type approval can only be granted after such technical control has been completed.

For cars to be registered outside Germany, please refer to the Audi or Volkswagen importer of your country of residence.

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Importer´s list.
4. Costs generated by a COC?

Since June 1st., 2003 Volkswagen AG charges a lump-sum fort the issuance of a COC (EU type approval) for the brands Audi and Volkswagen. The lump-sum amounts to 71.40 Euro with VAT 19% inclusive per document.

Since 1996 Volkswagen AG has been electronically transmitting all relevant COC data to the European importers. Therefore any importer is able to issue COC documents for the dealer´s network and/or individual customers. However the issuance of a second original by the manufacturer implies a certain level of complexity. Manufacturers are bound by EU legislation to issue a first original free of charge. However the manufacturers are allowed to recover the costs incurred for issuing a second original.

From our point of view the COC is an integral part of the buying contract along any other national car document. For car purchases effected outside Germany, it is strongly recommended to make sure COC´s are available at the time the vehicle is taken over.

Moreover, our importers have been informed about this most recent situation. We have instructed them to accordingly inform their dealers about the fact that any issuance of a second original by the manufacturer will generate expenses to be charged to the customer.
5. Language of COC document?

COC is issued in German language.
6. Do we deliver COC´s to foreign countries without VAT?

We deliver COC documents to foreign countries without German VAT in case your company is headquatered in the European Union and is VAT registered. Before sending your first order please register your address and email your VAT ID number. Email address is shown in the heading "Contact". Your address will be completed with your VAT ID number, subsequent COC´s will be issued without German VAT.
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